Jim Gammon gtpjimgammon@yahoo.com
Wed, 1 Sep 2004 08:05:07 -0700 (PDT)

Allow me to indulge myself with a minor tribute (edited) to our troops:

Talking Baghdad Blues

Jim Gammon, apologies to Tom Paxton

I was just living my own life

When I was sent to fight this fight

I got a call from Uncle Sam

Who has a tiff with old Saddam


Making scuds

Hireing thugs

Helping Bin Laden do his thing


So I find myself in out in the sand

It covers this old dusty land

I'm drinking water like a fish

Just to have enough to take a piss


No one knows

Just where it goes

But I seem to sweat pure salt from my skin


Well one day I was eating an mre

When a dust storm came and covered me

Couldn't see my hand it was so thick

The mre was full of grit


No where to run

Couldn't find my gun

But it did improve the flavor, I must say


Well then came the time as it comes to all

The need to answer natures call

But where to go? No way to see

There ain't no place like where I be


I just had to go 

and believe me bro

Its the world's biggest cat pan over there


Well I finished up and the air did clear

Saw my unit was pretty near

I took a step and dropped to my knees

My shorts felt like they were full of fleas


The problem, you see

came through to me

It took just that minute to fill my shorts with sand


I did a shake and a wild dance

To shake that sand down from my pants

Then I saw a reporter from CNN

He'd filmed me dancing in the fading light

It made the evening news that night


The very next day

A citation came form the pentagon

Seems my morale was a tribute to the corp

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