the day after NBR

William McEver
Fri, 25 Nov 2005 07:09:57 -0500

    Winter weather slammed us; cold 16f and wind gusts up to 40, but the snow
Had a very nice day with all of my Pennsylvania family, at my sister's home.
Excellent cook, and baker. Even after 2 plates full, I didn't get to sample
everything that she and her 4 adult daughters prepared. But I was smart enough
to take 5 food containers, and brought home another full turkey meal, for
today or tomorrow.

My brother in law, made a cdr of his trip to Central China where he and
another engineer from PPG, explained technology that was sold to a glass
factory. The Chinese didn't want to follow their directions of the batch
ingredients, and wanted to short cut the process, so after 11 days there, they
returned home. A wasted trip and time for PPG. The cd was great to see the
Chinese urban life style.

If it gets upto the 50s on Sunday, I might have a date with Wende!

MC 137
BMW  Wende