[Spridgets] Polarizing generator

Michael Rowe mdrowe at optonline.net
Wed Dec 5 14:09:04 MST 2012

The archives are currently not working, so:

I thought I polarized my generator following instructions online - + battery 
terminal to small wire on generator.  But I can't get a voltage reading off 
either the generator or the battery when the engine is running.  Just now, I 
got a lower reading on the battery after running the engine a bit for 
testing, then turning it off.

When the engine is running, the headlights get brighter with RPM.  That 
indicatest that there is output from the generator, but it is not getting to 
the battery.  So why can't I read any output at the generator?

What are the symptoms of a dead generator other than no output at all?  What 
are the symptoms of a dead regulator?

Michael Rowe
The Holy Sprite

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