[Spridgets] Springs

Wilson, Doug DWilson at eatechnical.com
Fri Dec 7 12:45:44 MST 2012

The offset rear springs are to provide more clearance and eliminate rubbing on
the spring if you are running a wider tire without spacers. The need is a
function of tire width and rim offset, including spacer.
I raced a sprite with < ellipticals and the panhard bar was essential, but it
did reduce maximum speed in really high speed corners such as Road Atlanta #12
and the last turn before front straight at Sebring. The limit came in pretty
suddenly until we finally determined that we were getting binding between the
spring and the panhard bar for a very slight instant. The panahard bar wants
to move in an arch and the spring want to move up and down in a straight line.
On these high speed turns you have some pretty high pressure on the outside
tire and these type of turns are where the sprite can make up time on other
higher speed cars. To eliminate this you modify the spring mounts to allow a
very slight amount of compliance.
Doug Wilson

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