[Spridgets] NOT LBC Looking for a rear bumper 65-67 VW bus

Bud Osbourne abcoz at hky.com
Sat Dec 8 09:56:33 MST 2012

Have you tried putting a want ad in the Vintage VW Club of America
magazine/newsletter?  I'm no longer a member, so I haven't been keeping up
with how the club is doing.  However, I assume the club is still healthy and
active.  Worth a try.
Also, for future reference, have you ever attended the Ski Round Top swap
meet, in September?  It's all pre-'75 (?) air-cooled Porsche and VW stuff.
I've never been able to attend, for one reason or another, but I understand
it's a really good event and is growing larger each year.

Bud Osbourne

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Well it can't hurt to ask : )
I have a 67 bus but the rear bumper has a pull. It looks like they used a
strap on the bumper to pull it so both the top and the rear have a bend in
the metal. I hear I can heat it with my torch and then using the sandy
ground hammer it back. But I thought I'd ask if anyone has some leads
because you never know. Or know of a good metal worker in NJ area.

I'd take front & rear if available or any other VW parts.


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