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offset rear springs allow wide rear tires.  the spring is not straight from
front to rear.     i have a set in my bugeye.
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Check the front springs as well. There's more weight over the front
suspension so a sagging coul could also contribute to the lean.

Chris King

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Mark what are offset rear springs?
Also being Pinky (my 62 Sprite) leans a bit on one side I am thinking of
buying new rear springs anyone have a preference as to who to get them 
Peter C. do you stock them? 
Several years ago at Carlisle Frank pointed out a
set of leaves and said
put them in my spring set which I bought and still
sit on the shelf. I
thinking if I take the springs apart I may as well
just replace them 
because you know once you start to take something apart you
break lots
stuff.........don't ask me how I know that........wink. 

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