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Rick Fisk refisk at chartermi.net
Sun Dec 9 07:51:41 MST 2012

Thanks Dean.  Lot's of good stuff there.

One tip I learned recently involves drilling through stainless steel.  Once in
a while at work I have to drill holes in stainless steel cabinets to mount
various things.  Always hated it because the stainless is hard and quickly
dulls a good bit.  Cutting oil never seemed to help.  I was on a job and had
to mount some stainless cabinets.   I was bemoaning the fact that drilling
stainless was hard and the customer who was standing there said "Use dish
soap".  He went and got a bottle of Dawn dish soap and we used it as a cutting
lube.  Worked like a charm!  It makes the stainless drill like mild steel.  I
now have a bottle on my truck.


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On Dec 9, 2012, at 12:56 AM, "Dean Hedin" <dlh2001 at comcast.net> wrote:

> I stumbled upon this website last night.
> http://www.knucklebusterinc.com/features/category/how-to/
> The guy is into motorcycles, but these scans and PDF's regarding
> sheet metal, lathes, welding, etc. are PRICELESS.
> Scroll to the bottom and keep hitting previous, there are many pages.
> I downloaded everything and loaded it up on my tablet.
> ------------------------

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