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Allen Hefner lbc77mg at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 09:11:04 MST 2012

I was reading a car mag this morning in the reading room, and it occurred
to me that all of us remember our first car. That's what we do...since we
are car guys (and gals).

How many of you remember the place you bought it and the name of the
salesman (or private seller)? I even remember the names of the rest of the
sales staff at the dealership.

I bought my 1963 Sunbeam Alpine Series III in 1968 at Buzz Marcus Motors in
Glenside, PA. Buzz was an SCCA racer who drove Triumphs. His mechanic was
Dick Stockton, who also worked on my TR. I think Buzz is still on Facebook
and living in FL. He opened one of the first Toyota dealerships in the
area. My father bought his first Toyota there, a 1970 Corona. When Toyota
exploded (not literally), Buzz sold the dealership and retired to racing
full time.

My salesman in those early days was Dave Landis and the other salesmen were
Bennet Orr and Hap Schmalbach.

If I can remember the parts manager's name, I'll get back to you. I also
bought my TR4A IRS at Buzz's, so I became fast friends with the parts
Allen Hefner
Norristown, PA

2006 Chebbie
1963 Sunbeam Alpine Series III
1967 Triumph TR4A IRS
1964 VW Type I
1967 VW Type II
1967 Rover 2000TC
1977 MG Midget

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