[Spridgets] Can anyone help this gentleman?

Richard Ball richb at u.washington.edu
Fri Dec 14 15:54:49 MST 2012

Someone posted it here to the list about two years ago if memory serves (or 
maybe that should be swerves).  I remember people commenting on the paint 
shop scene where the guys were painting the body panels in a cloud of mist 
with no respirators.

Rich Ball
'76 Midget
Everett, Wa

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>I suspect we'd all like to see this movie if it is still available
> digitally somewhere...  Even Cecil Kimber would smile!
> Cheers!!
> Jim
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> I recently viewed part of a MG promo silent film made in the 1920's about 
> a
> couple in Britain going to the MG factory to pick up their new automobile.
> The film was bout 1 hr long, black and white.
> Do you or anyone in the Club have a link to this film.
> I have owned a Bugeye sprite since in 1962..sheewh..... 50 years.  Lots of
> history there.
> Mike Kiester
> ekiester at hotmail.com
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> Cheers!!
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