[Spridgets] Heat shield braces

Jay jfishbein at snet.net
Mon Dec 17 11:21:08 MST 2012

This is not a direct answer to your question but if you go to page 123 of this 
pdf you can at least see a factory illustration of the brackets.



From: Tim Collins <thcollin at mtu.edu>
To: spridgets at autox.team.net
Sent: Mon, December 17, 2012 1:03:55 PM
Subject: [Spridgets] Heat shield braces

I'm trying to determine where the rear (firewall side) brace to the carb heat 
shield fastens to the engine or transmission. I've got the front one OK, but I 
need to fabricate the rear brace so . . . where does it attach to the engine or 

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