[Spridgets] How it's made. Episode 498 Judson Rotor.

Tim Collins thcollin at mtu.edu
Thu Dec 20 09:45:54 MST 2012

This brochure that Dean referenced 
http://vwjudsonregister.tripod.com/torlon-vane-material.htm has vanes 
that radiate outward from the axis of rotation. Dean's rotor has 
vanes that are parallel to the axis of rotation - I think I'm saying 
that correctly.

At 11:39 AM 12/20/2012, Rick Fisk wrote:
>What brochure?  My Sprite Judson was exactly like Dean's.  Every Judson rotor
>I've ever seen is like Dean's.  My VW Judson also had tangental vanes.  ???

Tim Collins

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