[Spridgets] metallurgy gonna save us all

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I'm all for the government making pennies out of 7075 aluminum.

That way, after some time, the value of the penny as 7075 will eventually
exceed the one cent face value.

I can then melt down pennies to get the 7075 that I need to make Judson

They are trying to tell us the Chinese Yaun is "Undervalued".

If our pennies and nickels are worth more than their face values then is not
the dollar undervalued?

I guess that is the case of the copper kettle calling the iron pot black. 

See what a little liquor will do to me?

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With the recent discussion of Reardon-like metals, here is a coincidence.

20 Dec.2012 article: http://tinyurl.com/bsdvrot

Notice the word in the image (Atlas). Not a reference to Atlas Shrugged of
Reardon Metal note, but Atlas Steel. 

http://www.atlassteel.com/products/aluminizedsteel.aspx  Bill in wet, wet

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