[Spridgets] How it's made. Episode 498 Judson Rotor.

WeslakeMonza1330 at aol.com WeslakeMonza1330 at aol.com
Fri Dec 21 03:09:14 MST 2012

Hi Dean,
You ought to write all this up and send it to a car magazine for a  
feature.  If they use it an pay you it will help pay for tools and material  and 
maybe get you some orders to make some more.
Weslake-Monza 1330
In a message dated 20/12/2012 21:23:50 Coordinated Universal Time,  
dlh2001 at comcast.net writes:

I still  can't believe I pulled this off.  It took a long time to cut  those
dang slots. 1.5 hours each.

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