[Spridgets] REALLY OT - plumbing question

Rick Bastedo rbastedo at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 12:44:49 MST 2012

As a few of you may know I have been remodeling / rebuilding the bathroom
in my 86 year old home - since July.
Ok, I am not fast. Granted.
This has been a weekends only job for the most part and has included
rebuilding the superstructure as well as the internal workings.
Yesterday I connected the hot and cold supplies and the drain to our new
shower alcove, which is now about 90% finished.
I ran both lines open into a 5 gallon bucket before connecting and noticed
I have a lot less pressure on the hot side that I have on the cold side.
I also see this at the kitchen sink and the bathroom vanity.
This home is all electric so I have the big 50 gallon hot water tank
located between the bath and the kitchen.

Last August I attached a hose to the bottom of the tank and drained it and
saw a lot of white material draining out with the water.

Could the pressure problem be due to having deposits in the tank or at the
output side of the tank? If so how do I fix this?

Is there something else I could try or examine to find the cause of this

It's such a simple system I really don't see a lot that could go wrong here.
Of course I have a combination of newer copper pipes and older steel pipes,
and I know the steel could be getting rusty inside, however the cold supply
to the new shower is steel and has full pressure.

Thanks, this group is the most knowledgeable group I know of so that is why
I am asking the question here.

BTW my Midget is back on the road after BillM sent me a replacement drive
shaft with all new replaceable U-joints. My Datsun shaft finally hit end of

Rick (Need More Power - er Pressure) Bastedo

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