[Spridgets] REALLY OT - plumbing question

Rick Bastedo rbastedo at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 20:56:59 MST 2012

Thanks to everyone who emailed and called.
I guess next to the LBC this community has a lot to say about plumbing!

I started out by removing the feed and output lines from the hot water tank.
Visually everything looked fine.
I connected a hose to the drain and drained the tank (all after turning off
the big fat breaker of course).
There was zero sediment this time, the hot water all emptied out clean and

Thinking (and answering emails) while this was draining I decided next to
get a ball valve and some compression fittings and put a valve on the inlet
side of the WH.
After completing this I was able to turn house water back on, much to the
delight of my family.

Next I looked at the 3/4 inch nipple coming out of the hot side and
wondered if a garden hose would fit - as some of you already know it does
fit exactly.
So I connected my drain hose to the Hot side nipple and turned off the
drain valve, then opened the cold inlet side and let the tank fill.
Once it filled I found very good pressure exiting the back door via my
garden hose.
So - no restriction in the WH.

Next I hooked up the WH completely and turned it back on, of course there
was the obligatory clean up from all the water I had let escape while I
wasn't looking and I have to publicly praise my better half as she dug
right in and helped me with the resulting sea of water that used to be her
laundry room.

Next I decided to take a closer look at the kitchen sink, having turned on
the water in the bathroom vanity and having found very good pressure there.
The kitchen sink had even less pressure than before, and what had been only
the hot side was now both hot and cold trickling out with the valves wide

So I took it apart.

When I got back from Lowe's with the really nice pretty Delta kitchen
faucet it was a simple matter of refitting is the reverse of removal.

I am happy to report the problem is solved.

So - again I thank you all and this issue is done and done!

(Still have to get the shower finished, but that's just grouting the
ceiling, attaching the shower panel. calking and installing the 60" x 72"
shower door.
Childs play compared to today!

Rick (feelin' the pressure once again) Bastedo

On Fri, Dec 28, 2012 at 11:44 AM, Rick Bastedo <rbastedo at gmail.com> wrote:

> As a few of you may know I have been remodeling / rebuilding the bathroom
> in my 86 year old home - since July.
> Ok, I am not fast. Granted...

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