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Bob Kitterer bkitterer at me.com
Sat Dec 29 11:29:43 MST 2012

This did not seem to go through the first time, if it did sorry for the repeat.

You may want to try www.bigskycarcovers.com and look at the Covercraft product line.  Many vintage car folks here use to get their covers from North Coast a local company which closed it's doors five years or so back.  I have not personally used Big Sky  but when a number of folks here have.  As far as I know they are pleased with the product.  

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On Dec 28, 2012, at 3:12 PM, Kristi & Lambert wrote:

> Hi all,
> Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season this year.  Lambert and I
> are in need of new car covers for our Midgets again.  We have purchased the
> Wolf Car covers and they seem to deteriorate quite fast.  Does anyone have a
> cover that they have bought that they absolutely love?  We are just trying to
> figure out what may be the better ones out there vs the crap ones :-)
> Thanks,
> Kristi
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