[Spridgets] MG Midget Transmission?? Problem

Monty Love cmlove at knology.net
Wed Mar 2 12:29:55 MST 2016

My son was idling through a shopping center parking lot in first gear.  He lets off of the gas and he feels a small jerk and a small clunking sound.  The car will not move under its own power.  It is shifted to what we think is neutral, but if you let out the clutch, it dies.  It can be pushed forward or backward easily like it is in neutral, but when you start the engine and let out the clutch it dies.  It appears to shift into other gears, but will not move.  Anyone have any ideas what is wrong?  We are thinking the tranny is broke, but it seems very weird symptoms.  It is the datsun b210 5 speed.  It has less than 500 miles on the rebuild.  Any thoughts, besides we are screwed.  :-)

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