[Spridgets] MG Midget Transmission?? Problem

Brad Fornal tequila.brad at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 16:17:47 MST 2016

Sounds like a broken half shaft, except for the dying part. It's easier to
start looking at the axle, then to pull the transmission.

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> My son was idling through a shopping center parking lot in first gear.  He
> lets off of the gas and he feels a small jerk and a small clunking sound.
> The car will not move under its own power.  It is shifted to what we think
> is neutral, but if you let out the clutch, it dies.  It can be pushed
> forward or backward easily like it is in neutral, but when you start the
> engine and let out the clutch it dies.  It appears to shift into other
> gears, but will not move.  Anyone have any ideas what is wrong?  We are
> thinking the tranny is broke, but it seems very weird symptoms.  It is the
> datsun b210 5 speed.  It has less than 500 miles on the rebuild.  Any
> thoughts, besides we are screwed.  :-)
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