[Spridgets] 1960 disc brakes Bugeye

Gerard pixelsmith at gerardsgarage.com
Sat Mar 26 15:14:18 MDT 2016

For best results and especially if it’ll be a driver for your wife, you’ll want to do the master cylinder conversion as well. It’l reduce pedal effort by 33%.

You should also plan on rebuilding the suspension at the same time. Most used suspension components aren’t safe or usable to just swap over.

You can contact me for more information if you are interested.


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> Hi all,
> i'm finally getting back on my 1960 bugeye, ive got a new 1275 ready and now i want to upgrade the front brakes to discs, can someone tell what year mg midget donors do i needf,or this swap?, and are there any other issues i should be aware of, or is it a direct bolt on conversion, Thank You
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> 64 0r 65 is when Disc went on. And its a direct bolt on. 
> http://www.gerardsgarage.com/Garage/Tech/DbrakeUg.htm <http://www.gerardsgarage.com/Garage/Tech/DbrakeUg.htm> <http://www.gerardsgarage.com/Garage/Tech/DbrakeUg.htm <http://www.gerardsgarage.com/Garage/Tech/DbrakeUg.htm>> 
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