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I've been out of town Jim, what's the update and why don't you rent a good

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> I've run into some complications concerning the April 9th-10th dates.  My
> painter now tells me he cannot get to the Midget in time for this
> deadline.  I have found another painter that I can trust, but he, too, has
> a full schedule and a waiting line at this late date.
> My current thought is to purchase a decent compressor and paint the car
> myself in my garage.  I've been down this road with Frank (Holy Sprite) and
> I feel comfortable enough to spray it myself using light coats and single
> stage paint.  How bad could I screw up?!!   (Don't answer that!!)
> My compressor is too dinky for the job and I've needed a new one anyway so
> I will put some of the labor cost I was going to have toward a decent
> compressor, water and oil drier and pressure regulator.  I already have a
> new set of HVLP guns.
> Can any of you wizards recommend a good compressor?  Should be 2 stage,
> 3-4hp, aroung 15 CFM at 90 PSI, 60 gallon tank, 230 volt.  What are you all
> using? Recommendtions gratefully accepted.
> Oh....  And I guess this means we will have to put off the WWOSHIT until
> some time later this year if you all still want to come, guzzle beer and
> eat pizza & Mexican food.
> Ron mentioned the possibility of a weekend OSHT before painting.  There is
> some work we could do before the paint goes on if anyone is interested.
> LMK Please!
> --
> Cheers!!
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