[Spridgets] Replacing valve train.

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Tue Sep 20 13:17:31 MDT 2016

A couple of times I've removed the rocker gear to replace a push rod  
without undoing the head bolts (on the opposite side of the head - I obviously  
had to undo the ones retaining the rocker gear) or replacing the head gasket 
and  not had problems.  However, the head on my car is an 11 stud rather 
than 9  stud which must help me get away with it.  I'm also guessing head 
gasket  quality and how long the rockers are off the car is also a factor.
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You have  to loosen them all and retorque.  Probably best to replace the 
head  gasket.  Don't forget to drain the coolant before you loosen the head  

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>  Hello again all,
> so I have my valve train assembly ready to  swap out BUT to install I 
have to undo the pedestal nuts and the cylinder head  nuts that hold the 
pedestals in place. 
> Should I loosen ALL  of the head bolts  and retorque everything or just 
retorque the ones on  the pedestals?
> Thanks again in advance,
>  Lester
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