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Bob Spruck raspruck at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 09:34:43 MDT 2016

I have an alloy valve cover on my 1275 vintage race engine that has had 
lots of grinding on the inside in the vicinity of every rocker arm. I 
also have three other "spare" alloy valve covers, two of which have been 
relieved on the inside and one that has not. The one that has not is 
noticeably narrower than the others and has not been ground. So, there 
are apparently some narrower valve covers out there that would need 
grinding to clear even a stock engine. May be from a Mini or ??? Of 
course, I have no idea of the origin of any of my valve covers.

I would go with internal cover grinding rather than taking the chance 
that stacking valve cover gaskets would heighten the valve cover or nuts 
so they interfere with the bonnet unless you can devise a way to measure 
the clearance.


On 9/28/2016 7:43 PM, mdrowe via Spridgets wrote:
> I had a very loud knock that sounded absolutely fatal, and I was 
> really worried that I was going to have to open this engine up 
> a second time.  It turned out to be an adjustment screw on the 
> high-lift rockers hitting the alloy valve cover.  A simple solution is 
> to put on a second gasket to raise the height of the cover.  Anyone 
> encountered this before?
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