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Amen. I have never used anything other than the stock cover, from concours 948 motors to rip snorting  full race prep 1275s. Never had an issue. 

Ron Soave

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> This is a very common long standing problem with alloy valve covers.  Some issues arise with manufacturers and others arise due to clearances being modified over time with shaved blocks and heads or alternate rockers being used.  In any case do not double stack the gaskets!  When you least expect It ( No matter how you conspire to glue them together) you will have a gasket migrate away leaving you with a huge oil loss and possibly under hood oil fire!   While deep down I have wanted an early 60's period alloy cover for my car, I've kept an original stamped tin one in spite of having my head drilled for Cooper s's extra stud and bolt.
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> I had a very loud knock that sounded absolutely fatal, and I was really worried that I was going to have to open this engine up a second time.  It turned out to be an adjustment screw on the high-lift rockers hitting the alloy valve cover.  A simple solution is to put on a second gasket to raise the height of the cover.  Anyone encountered this before? 
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