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Wed May 2 22:00:49 MDT 2018

    Frank a race car is moving forward .   the rebuilt control arms with new bushings are in the car.  The engine compartment has been painted.  The steering rack has been changed out for a decent one with all the hardware refinished.  The kingpin spindle assemblies have been degreased and properly shimmed and a fresh coat of paint applied.   The shocks Have had their oil changed and are reinstalled.  A pedal assembly has been dismantled and bead blasted to bare steel and refinished.   A NOS clutch master has been installed.   The pedal assembly has been put in place awaiting a brake master to be bolted in before I permanently install the pedal assembly.  The 2 lower coil spring seats have been bead blasted and painted awaiting the decision on front coil springs.  A set of tapered roller bearings for the front hubs are literally in transit as I write this.  A completely rebuilt set of front calipers are ready to bolt on once the front hub & rotor assemblies are put onto the spindles.  There is a lot to go. Seriously after sitting in storage for so long, The car is making great progress.  I've encountered quite a few things that had me scratching my head ( Kevin and Ron's heads too!).  Impropperly marked hardware, missing hardware are just a few surprises the car had waiting for me.  Things are getting sorted out one surprise at a time.   Coming up soon will be welding up some hacked holes in a bugeye dash and doing a slightly modified switch layout for the racing application.   Lots to come!Thank all of you for your help and support.Chuck
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