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    While progress is happening on Frank's race car there is an item that is elusive.  I'm looking for a Midget grill from the early 70's that has the stainless strip on it.Kevin has been keeping up with the missing parts / needed parts list.Kevin and ron have been HUGE contributors of both parts and assistance.   I'm hopefull some of you may be lurking and just waiting to jump in and offer assistance.There are a few other bits which the car needs.A 1275 clutch hose A brake light switch1 rubber , light to fender gasket for an early turn signal.2 rubber rocker panel Jack hole plugs.2 rubber pieces that go onto the front bumper mounts that protrude through the front valance.Now I am certain There will be more pieces to be added to the list.  But any and all assistance gathering the missing bits is greatly appreciated on this " We tight" project.  I'm adding all the parts I've been saving to build my '58 bugeye project I've been sitting on for a long time.   Thank you !Chuck

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