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Frank always liked Geo Metro radiators. I've got one of those in the barn.

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 >>>Any of you who had or have a spridget race car here are my
questions:Are you still racing? ?Have you retired from racing?There are
parts / items that I might be able to use on Frank's midget.If you no
longer race , what might you still have left from your car in gear or
parts? ? I realise That this may be personal to some and would request that
you reply personally . ??Frank's Midget is slowly coming along! ? I'm
replacing all the brake tubing which was mostly missing from the car. ? The
front suspension is almost done. ? There has been quite a lot of old grease
, dirt and interesting repairs done long before Frank took posession of the
car. ?I've taken everything apart nut by bolt to ensure it's return to
competition first passes it's first tech inspection without any issues.Also
it's first weekend it sees competition , the car preforms as designed
without any SUPRISE failures.?All assistance is greatly appreciated!Thank
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