[Spridgets] Sprite Record Gingerman this weekend!

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Tue May 1 10:31:59 MDT 2018

Although the garage thrashing and incumbent gnashing of teeth continues as
the days to G-man dwindle, Spridget drivers should watch out for the likely
emergence of long-time paddock maven and chief torque wrench operator for
Nigel Johnsfolly, Rick "Party Animal" Fisk driving a resurrected vintage
SCCA bugeye with a junkyard motor. Now, if The Flounder would just turn
over the historic paperwork! And, since the pub will be open, I may pack my
vice grips and hammer and take on the role of Rick's crew chief. "Chief."
 I kind of like the sound of that!

On Tue, May 1, 2018 at 9:13 AM, <stanbmason at aol.com> wrote:

> Spridget Folks,
> We just broke the record for most Spridgets at Gingerman with  a total of
> 17 and the potential of several more that may make it.  It looks like it is
> going to be soggy Friday, but Saturday & Sunday looks clear with nice
> Spring temperatures.  It is best to dress for all occasions, just to be
> covered.
> We will have lots of 60th Anniversary Spridget Gear including the
> following at GMan:
> - Patches  $5
> - Hats
> - T-Shirts
> - Prototype Vest
> - Prototype Mechanics Coveralls (Think Goodwood Vintage Events)
> - Prototype British Flat Cap (Think Goodwood Vintage Events)
> Erick Zanner's JDT Investments will be our sponsor again this year along
> with Cana and Colin Comer contribution of the Season Stickers.  We thank
> you for your contribution to our group!
> I will take some photos of what we are offering and send out next week to
> determine demand.
> Gingerman is the start of the season and we need to remember how to
> eliminate "Red Mist" and apply all the Vintage Race Values we hold dear.
> The overall expression that is most meaningful to me is: is if you can not
> sit down and have an enjoyable conversation with a competitor after a
> session than you have done something wrong.  I would also like to encourage
> all of us to have discussions with each other and other Group 2 racers if
> there are concerns that can be shared and improved in a diplomatic way.  I
> have attached guidelines for passing from E. Paul Dickinson who is a racing
> driver adviser and published "The Ace Factor" for our VSCDA Driver's
> School.  Please review these guidelines for maintaining a fun season.
> I look forward to a fun weekend with all my friends that I have not seen
> in awhile.  The Cape Of Good Hope Portable Pub will be open Saturday after
> the last race where we will have discussions about the 60th Anniversary.
> Thanks,
> Stan Mason
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