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To Our Publican!!

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> Hello Smidget Clan,
> Gingerman was just fantastic!  We had 18 registered Spridgets beating our
> last largest gathering of 15 in 2015.  The weather was equally amazing with
> the exception of high winds on Friday enough to blow over Port A Pottys!
> Saturday and Sunday were just perfect with low humidity and sunshine
> getting in the 70s.
> Driver School – We had 4 drivers listed, but Spridget Techs Rod Hahnermann
> experienced a power failure at home and was unable to attend.  I want to
> thank all those that showed up on Friday to support these new drivers.
> They all graduated and were welcomed into the fold.  Each one of them has a
> great story to tell of why they were there:
> 1.       Rick Fisk – Has crewed off and on for John Deikis and now it was
> John’s turn to crew.  Rick bought this Bug Eye race tub from Thompson and
> assemble it in 2 months just prior to event.
> 2.       Randy Kropf – Randy’s brother Gary Kropf hooked him up through
> the generosity of Jim Donato’s Square Body for Driver School.  Around noon
> on Driver School a rear spring failure occurred, which would stop Randy
> from making the next session.  Charlie Hall generously stepped forward and
> said use my car.
> 3.       Gabrielle Lynch – Purchased Ron Sorenson’s Bug Eye with Ron
> attending to support her.  I had heard of Ron and it was a pleasure to hear
> his story about his car that he started racing in 1965 with SCCA making it
> to the runoffs many times.  Ellie’s story is another example of talking to
> someone looking at your car and engaging them resulting motivating  a new
> Sprite Dirver!  When Doug Bruce was at Road America Ellie was observing his
> car and he invited her to sit in his car.  When she got out she told her
> husband I am going to get a Racing Bug Eye.  John Salisbury was the
> connection to Ron and Ellie.  It was great seeing their team jumping in and
> doing whatever was required to keep it running.
> Cape Of Good Hope Pub - We had our typical fun talking about our Healey
> Heroes and toasting the Queen with Ron Sorrenson highlighting his racing
> past and his happiness in having his car go to worthy owners that
> appreciate the dedication he has put into his car.  We were visited by
> Nigel Follysworth (John Deikis will correct me again in the spelling of his
> made up UK Name.  I am envious of his British Brogue) who explained many of
> the personalities in frames on the Pub, which was great cheap
> entertainment!
> Spridget Race – This weekend was great in many ways with one of the most
> cars making the Sunday Spridget Race.  There was only one not running and
> another that need to leave and prepare for her Master Finals.  I have come
> to appreciate this race more and more as time goes on and feel that the
> goal set out to have safer wheel to wheel racing with our own exclusive
> race in similar cars 8 years ago is being met.  We had several groups
> within this race going head to head respecting each other’s space passing
> and repassing without incident.  I find this much more fun than fighting
> other bigger cars in Group 2 that have more torque on the straights and
> that you cannot get around in the turns.
> Regalia – We had several items for sale with Jeff Carloss having this
> year’s really cool poster that includes some shots of original Sprite Sales
> Brochures with our 60th logo, which he designed for $5 and Anniversary
> Patches for $5.  Don Kelly had a hold up on the 60th hats and T-Shirts,
> which will be available at Black Hawk in June.  I showed prototype vest and
> coveralls and British Flat Cap.  I will be sending out shots of regalia and
> try to understand what interest everyone has so we can find the best way to
> offer.
> Conclusion - We have more and more VSCDA members talking about our
> Spridget Group and the comraderie we display along with many of the items
> mentioned above.  I believe this is why other racers want to join in the
> fun.  We demonstrate that with our lunches and everyone’s contribution with
> food and grilling responsibilities (Thanks Carl, Bob and Brad for being the
> grill masters) along with technical support and assisting in car repairs.
> I heard there was a person with a unique car that races in VSCDA, but does
> not have the support available like we have and is thinking about selling
> his car and getting a Spridget as one example.
> 60th Anniversary ELVF at Road America and Elkhart Lake - We continue to
> have increased interest from all corners of the US and Canada.  We have
> also allowed SCCA racers to join us throughout the season.  John Salisbury
> is leading the charge for communications and support.  Ron and I will be
> working on a document to promote the Vintage Spirit.  I have been saying
> that we are going to have 30 or more Spridgets at this event, but with all
> the responses I believe that upto 50 is possible.
> Next Stop Blackhawk June 15-17, 2018 a Great Track for Spridgets with
> another exclusive Spridget Race!
> Enjoy a Spritely Life!
> Stan
> I attached the Series Results.  Please let me know if you have any
> corrections or observations.
> There were several people using different cars so if I have you listed for
> the wrong race please let me know.
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