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    Yes Daniel!  Those came from across the pond!  VBG!The water pump pulley you got at the breakers and sent me is going on Frank's race car project.  I had stripped it to bare steel and had it plated with cad & color ( looks gold now).   Lots of parts from numerous list members are coming together on Frank's race car project.  Its going to be a very VERY special car upon completion!   So even a part from England is going to be part of the Midget's reconstruction.   I'd like a paddy hopkirk heel n toe ( or speedwell one) gas pedal for the car.  :-) Hope all is well on your side of the pond!Chuck
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Hi List,
I think I'm overdue posting something.   Here I am drilling a corner of  a brass bodied magnetic sump plug for my Sprite so I can lockwire it in place.  
​The reason for having this job to do in the first place was that on last year's oil change I found I'd (not for the first time) over-tightened the sump plug and cracked it almost in two, so having used my spare I needed a couple more spares.
Finally, unless I'm mistaken the drilling jig was a gift or parts trade or something from Chuck Christ, quite a few years ago.
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