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Michael MacLean rrengineer.mike at att.net
Sun Aug 11 13:00:51 MDT 2019

  My Datsun synchro problem will soon be solved.  Grinding going into 3rd gear every time gets tiring.  Paul A. rebuilt the present trans using aftermarket synchros.  Paul found out later they were machined incorrectly.  I have a new (to me) Datsun transmission, courtesy Bob Kitterer that is supposedly low mileage.  I will be pulling the engine in the next few months to swap these out, but an old problem rears it's ugly head.  When I made the swap from 948 to 1275, I used the 948 slave cylinder.  I was assured this would be OK because I also reduced the master cylinder clutch bore size at the same time with the appropriate internal and external pushrods.  Well, it never has been OK.  The clutch pedal has to be pushed all the way to the floor to disengage the clutch.  It then grabs immediately off the floor and is fully engaged just a few inches after that.  All the while being very hard to control due to the excess pressure because all the engagement is happening a few inches off the floor.  I would like to fix this problem while it is out this time.  Any suggestions on what slave cylinder to use?  Paul machined the flywheel to fit the Datsun pressure plate and disc.  Does this mean I need a spacer behind the flywheel for better clutch pedal engagement?  Would the Rivergate slave cylinder be a better alternative?  I would like to accomplish more than just stopping 3rd gear from grinding this time.  What clutch/slave/master cylinder combos are you Datsun transmission converts using?Mike MacLeanP.S. You can forget about the flex line from the slave cylinder to the master.  I am using a stainless steel braided line.
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