[Spridgets] Rocker install question

brian S bugeye15 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 29 13:15:41 MDT 2019


I'd Love to hear more about the Stroker Crank Idea!
I heard rumors, years ago, that you could put a 2" main 1098 in a 1275 and
get up to a 1430 from a 1380.
I searched for more info, but wasn't able to find any.
Any info(what Rod/piston changes needed) would be appreciated!


Brian S.
Bugeyeracer resto'ed Thanks to Frank C.!


Enjoy the sweet music of a properly running engine.

Look down the spark plug holes with a scope to check for piston damage.

Curse that I will have to remove the head anyway

Curse that if I had installed my rebuild with the 1098 stroker crank I could have been driving this car.


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