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If it's a driver consider a 1275.  The 948 will have some value over a 1275
to concours and vintage racing people who want the 948.
Otherwise, more CCs is more power.  If you can rebuild for little or no
increase in price over the 948 then go with more power.
To me a 1275 with a single HIF44 and a 5-speed conversion is the ultimate
Spridget driver setup.

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> I have a 59 Mk1 BugEye with a 948cc. At OH, I find I will need a
> crankshaft, cam, timing chain, and a few other typical OH replacement parts
> like rings, valves, bearings etc. any suggestions on where parts are
> available or a complete engine maybe move up to a 1098 or 1200. any
> suggestions or advise is helpful.
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