[Spridgets] 1275 valve cover preference / performance

Rick Fisk refisk at chartermi.net
Mon Feb 10 07:20:47 MST 2020

Use one with a wide open breather tube and run a hos to your catch can.

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> I would love an alloy cover but do not posess one and it's not part of the Midgets " we tight" budget.
> So, those of you leaning towards performance or competition applications ,  which tin valve cover would be a preference?   I have a few 948 type covers for the metal oil fill cap and no breather tube.  So early or late valve cover , early ( metal) or late ( plastic) oil fill cap and with or without a breather tube coming out of the cover?   Preferences or reasons to use or avoid a certain cover??
> Please do tell...please.
> Chuck
> If I'm going to pick one to do and go through striping it to bare metal and possibly adding the breather tube , honestly I would like to do this once for the Midgets motor. ????????????
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