[Spridgets] AE glacier parts catalog listings?

crusaderchuck55 at aol.com crusaderchuck55 at aol.com
Mon Feb 10 11:21:26 MST 2020

I have some brand new AE parts I think I can use for my Midget motor build or trade if i have correct descriptions.   I keep trying to find an on line catalog listing their old part numbers and I'm coming up empty handed. If you have an old catalog could you expand upon these numbers please?AE/GLACIER B4302SA .020 rod bearings    Box labeled " for Austin"   ( I have 2 sets)AE / HEPOLITE R19520 STD. ring setAE / APEX R19520 STD. ring setIf I can use these rings in the Midgets 1275 that would be great news...if not , what do they fit?  Thank you!ChuckTrying to either use on hand parts or trade things I can not use for items needed to complete the engine assembly.Sent from my LG Mobile
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