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The following is a list Healey, Sprite, Midget books,  general interest Automotive books, some technical data and some parts.  The prices are the best current prices I could find on Amazon and e-Bay.  List members subtract 30%. Shipping is not included. If interested please e-mail me off list.
Healey, Sprite, Midget Books

Donald Healey, My World of Cars, by Peter Garnier with Brian Healey; forward by Carroll Shelby. Hardcover; 1989; ISBN 1852602120; $100

Essential Austin Healey 100 and 3000, by Mike Lawrence; 1994; Paperback; ISBN 1870979494; $50

Factory-Orignal Austin Healey 100/6 & 3000: The originality guide to six-cylinder Austin Healeys, 1956-1968 by Bill Piggott; 2014; Hardcover; ISBN 1906133573; $46

How to Modify Your Mini, by David Vizard; 1977; Paperback; ISBN 863430414; $110

How to Power Tune Midget and Sprite for Road and Track by Daniel Stapleton-autographed; 2000; Paperback; ISBN 1901295737; $50

MG Midget and Austin Healey Sprite Guide to Purchase and DIY Restoration by Lindsay Porter; 1989; Hardcover; ISBN 854293361; $55

More Healeys: Frog Eyes, Sprites and Midgets by Geoffrey Healey; 1978; Hardcover; ISBN 085614049X; $80

Spritely Years: Race and Rally Memories from the Classic Era Plus the Full History of the Sebring Sprite by John Sprinzel and Tom Coulthard; 1994; Hardcover; ISBN 1852604980; $200

Sprites and Midgets: The Complete Story by Anders Ditlev Clausager; 2004; Paperback; ISBN 1861266537; $20

The Big Healeys, a Collector’s Guide by Graham Robson; 1981; Hardcover; ISBN 900549556; $50

The Healey Book: A Complete History of the Healey Marque by Bill Emerson (autographed by Gerry Coker, Bill Emerson, John Sprinzel, John Wheatley, Bic Healey), 2002 1st edition, Hardcover; ISBN 1902351045; $200

The Healey Story: A Dynamic Father and Son Partnership and Their World-Beating Cars by Geofferey Healey, forward by Stirling Moss; 1997, Hardcover; ISBN 854299491; $54

Sprites and Midgets: A Collectors Guide by Eric Dymock; 1981; Hardcover; ISBN 090054953X; 2 copies; $5 each

Tuning BL’s A-Series Engines by David Vizard-autographed; 1985; Hardcover; ISBN 854294147; $40

Original Sprite & Midget - The Restorer’s Guide to all the Austin-Healey and MG Models 1958-79 by Terry Horler; 1998; Hardcover; ISBN 187097451; $35

Haynes Automotive Repair Manual, MG Midget, Austin Healey Sprite, 1958 thru 1980; 1988; Paperback; ISBN 85696588; $20

British Leyland Parts Catalogue Sprite Mk 3 & 4, Midget Mk 2 & 3,  factory publication; Feb 1977 1st edition; Paperback; ISBN AKM 0036; $20

The Complete Official Sprite/Midget - Drivers Handbook, Workshop Manual, Special Tuning Manual by Robert Bentley, Inc; 1967; Paperback; $15

Other Auto Related Books

Heavenly Bodies, The Complete Pirelli Calendar Book; Jan 1975 1st edition; Hardcover; ISBN 517523507; $50

The Art of the Sports Car: The Greatest Designs of the 20th Century by Dennis Adler, forward by Jay Leno; Oct 2002, 1st edition; Hardcover; ISBN 60188855; $10

Automotive Atrocities - Cars We Love to Hate by Eric Peters;Jul 2004, 1st edition; Hardcover; ISBN 760317879; $5

The Age of Cars by Mike Twite; 1974; Hardcover; ISBN 600317595; $25

The Ultimate Classic Car Book by Quentin Wilson; 1995; Hardcover; IDBN 789401592; $30

50 years of Classic Cars: A Celebration of the World’s Greatest Motor Cars by Philip de ste Croix, editor Joathan Wood; 1996, Hardcover; ISBN 1858332524; $30

Miata, Mazda MX-5: Mazda’s Affordable Sports Car for the New Millennium by Jack K. Yamaguchi; 1998 1st edition; Hardcover; ISBN 1569705372; $45

Cars of the Fabulous ‘50s, A Decade of High Style and Good Times by James M. Flammang and the auto editors of Consumer Guide; 1995; Hardcover; ISBN 078530939X; $35

Technical Items

Austin Healey Guide to Historic Colors by Donald Pikovink;  Color sample, factory paint codes and ICI paint codes; $40

Key to Body Exterior and Main Trim Color Combinations, from start of Vehicle Production to H-AN9, G-AN4; Factory Service Parts List AKD3567, includes paint names and paint number for BMC, ICI, Rinshed-Mason, Dupont, Ditzler and some PPG, this stabled paper sheets.  Let me know your interest or make offer. 

PPG Code and color mix for Whitehall Beige (Nevada Beige) color matched to my original paint.

Concours Guide for Sprites as of 1997.

Judson Supercharger for 948.  This was on my other Sprite from Jun 1960 to Dec 1961. Mileage became more important than power and the carbs were reinstalled.  This has been stored in my garage since 1962.  There is no crank pulley and some how I have two oilers plus some documentation.  Make offer.

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