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Sun Feb 23 08:08:13 MST 2020

Thank all who answered.Most of my experience has been with the 4 bolt per side hood hinges and not the later scissors type ones.   I knew the hood shape & size was correct but I was uncertain about the 2 bolt hinge Vs. the 4 bolt attachment.   My other concern is I have painted the car without a hood.   The hood that came with the car was really heavy ( already full of body filler) and I knew had a couple of rust holes I could see.   Once I removed the alloy trim on the front of the hood....well that revealed a lot more rust!So I was offered 2 rust free hoods but they are both the earlier hood prop rod styles and that's why I was uncertain about the interchangeably of the 2 styles of hinges.ChuckSent from my LG Mobile
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