[Super] New Shorrock owner

Karl Vacek KVacek at Ameritech.net
Thu Aug 7 07:48:59 MDT 2014


I'm a brand-new Shorrock owner, intended for my MGTC.  I first bought the
car in 1970, and read about Shorrock (and other) superchargers, but never
seriously looked for one.  Sold the car in 1984 and 25 years later bought it
back from the same guy I'd sold it to.  Now slowly repairing all the
"restoration" work done by Fred Flintstone.

The Shorrock I have is a complete TC setup except for one bracket (the one
with the bent ear), and the oil line.  Externally everything looks and feels
fine, but I haven't disassembled it yet.

I do have one concern, in that I can feel a slight lash, apparently in the
drive pins where the drive assembly mates to the supercharger flange.  I'm
assuming I'll need to bush the holes where the pins slip in so they fit more

I don't know whether I will definitely need any parts at this point, but are
there any parts sources, or am I going to be searching for or making
anything I need?

I haven't taken my engine apart yet either, but I will rebuild it again
before running it because the "restorer" left so much loose and used so many
broken parts elsewhere that I just don't know what's in there.  Therefore I
can build it appropriately for the Shorrock.  But what's current thinking on
compression ratio, cams, etc?

When I sold the car I'd just had the block sleeved to standard and had the
crank welded back to standard, hard chromed, shot peened, and balanced.  The
shop that did the crank used to do lots of SCCA cranks and the one they did
for my E-Production Healey back then was really tough (I spun a rod bearing
and it didn't hurt the crank), so I had them do the TC crank too.  I really
don't know what pistons are in the engine till I look, but I have a new set
of Hepolite pop-ups that I think are 8.25:1 or 8.5:1, if that's not too
much.  Head is full thickness -- I may have done some port matching and
light polishing, but I really don't recall.

Any and all guidance will be welcomed.

Thank you!

Karl Vacek
Riverside, IL
TC 6370

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