[Team Net admin] Team Net list maintenance

Mark J Bradakis mark at bradakis.com
Thu Dec 27 11:47:30 MST 2018

This is a one time announcement, you are getting this message because 
you are subscribed to one or more of the following:

            2000-register - Triumph 2000 discussion
                    6pack - 6pack TR6 discussions
                  Alpines - Sunbeam Alpine discussion
                 Amphicar - Amphicar Enthusiasts list
             Aston-martin - Aston Martin vehicle discussion
               Autojumble - Automotive related buy and sell
                    autox - Autocross discussion
                   Avanti - Avanti automobiles
                     Bahc - Bonneville Austin Healey Club
                     Bmcu - British Motor Club of Utah
                 Bricklin - Bricklin automobile discussion
             British-cars - British car discussions
     British-cars-pre-war - Pre WWII British automobile discussion
           Buick-rover-v8 - Discussion applications for the Buick-Rover V8
                     Cahc - Cascade Austin Healey Club
              Chapman-era - British Sports cars inspired by Colin Chapman
         Curved-dash-olds - Curved Dash Oldsmobiles, 1900 - 1905
                      Cwe - Serious Triumph Racers
         Datsun-roadsters - Datsun Roadster discussion
                     DMVR - DMVR
             Formula-ford - Discussion of SCCA Formula Fords of various 
                      Fot - Private List
         Glen-scca-racing - SCCA Glen region road racing list
                goldcoast - Gold Coast British Car Club
                      Gta - Georgia Triumph Association
                  Healeys - Austin Healey Discussion
                   Italia - Triumph Italia discussion
               Land-speed - Land Speed racing
               Lotus-cars - Lotus cars, past, present, future
                  Mailman - [no description available]
                   Marcos - Marcos sports car discussion
                   Mg-mmm - Discussion about MG Triple M vehicles
                     Mg-t - MG T series vehicle discussion
                   Mgb-v8 - V8 powered MG discussion
                      Mgs - MG Sports Car discussion
                    Miata - Mazda Miata discussion
              Migcruisers - [no description available]
                Mini-list - Mini discussion
                  Morgans - Morgan Automobiles Discussion
                   Morris - Morris automobile discussion
                    NOBBC - North Bay British Car Club
                Oletrucks - Chevy/GM trucks from  1941 - 59
                Shop-talk - Random workshop related discussion
              Single-malt - Scotch appreciation
                Spitfires - Triumph Spitfire Discussion
                Spridgets - Sprite and Midget discussions
                  Alpines - Sunbeam Alpine Discussion
            superchargers - Supercharger discussion
              Team-thicko - irreverent VIntage Racing stuff
                The-local - Random chatter for team.net folks
                   Tigers - Sunbeam Tigers
                 Triumphs - Triumph Sports car discussion
                      Tvr - TVR Sports car discussion
             Vintage-race - Various Vintage Racing issues and chatter
                     VTOW - Vintage Triumphs of Wisconsin
                      Vtr - Discussion for Vintage Triumph Register folks
               Wichitapca - Whicita PCA group
                     WMJR - Wasatch Mountain Jaguar Register
                     Wpta - Western Pennsylvania Triumph Association
                Zmagnette - List for the Z Magnette Group - North America

Over the course of the next few days I will be going through the list of 
lists and deactivating ones that have seen no traffic in a year or 
more.  The archives [ http://autox.team.net/archive ] for the 
deactivated lists will remain in place.  This announcement list will 
also be removed.

Thanks for your support of Team.Net, 27 years and still counting!


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