[Team Net admin] Subscribing to additional forums

Barrie Robinson barrob at bell.net
Sun Dec 30 10:28:16 MST 2018

Hello Clark,

I have been with team.net for ages and never have quite mastered the 
methodology.  As you said in your email to Jim Runciman I did go to 
http://autox.team.net/ - Then tried all the paths that came up and NONE 
gave a list as I understand it!   No lists that I am on, and not the car 
lists that I know.

I owned a software company for over a decade and that taught me that one 
of the big problems is that software authors rarely understand that 
potential users do not understand their program - and are probably not 
too educated with operating systems either.   It would be nice if there 
was a simple step by step routine of joining a list and shown as "How to 
join a mailing list"  then a no chat, step by step, routine.  Users 
usually are not interested why - just how.   I think the team.net is the 
best thing since sliced bread but it does need some refining.

On 12/29/2018 10:40 AM, Clark W. Nicholls wrote:
> Try going to the website:
> http://autox.team.net/
> Clark
> Clark W. Nicholls
> "Reality, it's not what you think."
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> Mark
> Could you please advise how one subscribes toadditional forums?
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