[Tr-gang] VTR 2003

R. John Lye rjl@gt-classics.com
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 20:49:21 -0400

At 12:02 PM 7/14/03 -0400, Bob Bownes wrote:
>I did. And before I could pick it up, I became underemployed, so I didn't 
>complete the deal.

Ahhhh, sorry.

>That could be fun. When is that?

It'll be next summer, July 14 to 17 (or something very similar to that), 2004.

Val and I went down and 'scoped out what might turn out to be the venue
yesterday.  There's a failing shopping mall that the local club has begun
to use for autocrosses.  I think it will work well - there's a covered, shady
spectating area, and the food court and restrooms are still open (whether
they'll still be open next year is a question, though).  The events chair is
working on them already...

R. John Lye