[VTR] [TR] Goodnight, list?

Glenn A. Merrell - TSN StagByTriumph at triumphstagclub.org
Fri Sep 11 21:36:16 MDT 2009

I guess one of those tools in the toolbox I never knew was there!  I'll 
have to get it out of the toolbox and dust it off!

Glenn Merrell
TSN Admin
mailto:StagByTriumph at triumphstagclub.org

Mark J Bradakis wrote:
>> I'd like to see the lists go a bit more real time social networks, 
>> somewhat like Facebook or Twitter, but without the superfluous 
>> chitchat.  Sort of like,
>> " Hey, I have this part in my hand, it looks like {this photo 
>> embeded}.  Anyone know which way round it goes?"
>> And 5 minutes later or less you get a response ...
>> "Yeah Mate, the end you have your thumb on goes on first.  And BTW, 
>> here is a link to Club 4's video on the installation {click and view 
>> the video}."
> People can do that now, the triumph forum at 
> http://www.team.net/forums allows pictures.  And
> clickable links can be embedded in not only the forum, but in plain 
> text email as well.  Look at
> all the links at the bottom of this message.  [*]
> I've had such capability set up in various guises for years.  But 
> nobody uses it, so nobody uses
> it.  Most folks want to keep doing it they way they've been doing it 
> for the last 20 or so years
> I've kept Team.Net on the air.
> mjb.
> *:  There's a link to the mailman page where folks can set their 
> preferences for list delivery
>       and such.  It has been I don't remember how long since I've 
> started switching lists from
>       majordomo to mailman, but there are still folks who try to use 
> majordomo to manage
>       their subscriptions.   You can lead a horse to water ....
> mjb.

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