[VTR] Goodnight, list?

Jim britbits at netzero.com
Sat Sep 12 22:00:59 MDT 2009


If it makes your job easier to kill it, go ahead and kill it.  As has been
pointed out, there's been almost no traffic on the list in the years I've
been subscribed.  Which kept me from making the effort to unsubscribe. 

In general I prefer email lists to forums as I don't always have access to a
high speed connection to browse a forum but even on slow dialup I can walk
away for 30 minutes and see what gems arrived when I'm offline.  Even if I'm
not in time to respond to a question I can still benefit from the answer.

As I'm not a gung ho VTR member I'll just have to live vicariously through
those in my local club who are dyed in the wool VTR fans.


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Is there any reason to keep vtr at autox.team.net around?  Does it serve a
purpose not met by the forums on the VTR website?

mjb the list janitor.
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