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Paul Barrow paul.barrow at centurytel.net
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I have a big old DELETE button on my keyboard but right now I am so fed up
with all the garbage I am getting I am seriously thinking of quitting the

If you STILL have issues - talk to the list organizer or someone who cares.
I don't and I don't want to see another email on this subject addressed to
the general list apart from others who feel the same way.

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Yes, everyone is getting a bit cranky because such a high percentage 
of zmagnette traffic is currently about list issues and not about 
Magnettes.  It's a valid complaint, but it is temporary and we will 
get back to our usual Magnette talk.

As for list hosts, Mark does a really great job hosting several lists 
I participate in.  Generally speaking, they work pretty well.  I 
wouldn't be too quick to jump ship at this point.  Do you have 
something better?  When I first brought this up on Monday, Mark 
immediately responded that there is a problem, it has to do with the 
program that translates between IP addresses and names, and he's 
looking into it.  He also said that a new machine to run the 
nameserver would help.  Why don't we see how much it would cost to do 
that?  We really haven't been here very long.  Give the guy a 
break.  Let's see how this goes for a while and what Mark comes up with.

-Steve T.

At 01:07 AM 11/1/2013, Allen Bachelder wrote:
>Regarding slow response time, we know the current service is 
>INCONSISTENT.  I'm tired of reading responses to emails I have yet 
>to receive.  I'm tired of wasting my time writing responses only to 
>find somebody wrote the necessary response before I wasted my time 
>on it but didn't find out until the next morning.  So I favor a 
>different host. How do we solve that without bringing it up on the 
>list?  In a transition period like this, some discussion is 
>necessary.  I just want a list that works.  This one does not.  Am I 
>asking too much?

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