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Gene deRuelle deruelle at att.net
Fri Nov 1 12:20:18 MDT 2013

I'd love to have them. What would be the cost to ship to 89502?
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  Anybody have a use for these bits? 


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    Hi, Mike and Allen,
       I received this email from John Wright concerning some Magnette parts we think free for the shipping. Do you know anyone that is interested? Perhaps you could ask your group? Pictures attached I believe.

Carol Shamonsky
NAMGAR Vice-Chairman

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    Hi Carol. Sorry to write you on your NAMGAR email but it was handy and I wanted to get this message to you. Do you have a need or know of someone who might be able to use these Magnette carb and manifold parts. Free for the shipping costs I believe.  
    All the best,

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    From: Charley Braum <cbaustin at verizon.net>
    Date: Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 10:15 AM
    Subject: Hey There
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        Just so you know, we got below 32 deg.F last night; first frost of the season! See what you are missing?

        Hey, do you want these remnants of that Magnette engine? The rest is going to the scrap yard. These are the only parts (I feel) might be worth shipping to someone (you). Everything else is too heavy (head, generator, starter, block, etc).

        Let me know, I'd be glad to give them to you.

        Later, hope you and all are well,



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