[Zmagnette] Indecision

Wayne & Isabel Hardy gwhardy at suddenlink.net
Fri Nov 1 12:23:06 MDT 2013

I have never regretted an impulse buy!!!! Maybe an impulse to do something else..............But not to buy a car, a camera, a gun, a girl a drink, a new cashmere overcoat, a supercharger, an 1800cc motor, another Jaguar XJ sedan (an XJ-8 now after 2 XJ-6’s), an air impact wrench, a new garage.

From: Allen Bachelder 
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Subject: [Zmagnette] Indecision

So you're trying to make a decision about buying a car.  I found this on the Morris Minor list this morning.  It should help you decide... ;-) 


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Spring Creek Home for Wayward MGs
'57 ZB, '65 B, '69 C/GT, '73 B/GT
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