[Zmagnette] Engine mount

Fletcher Millmore gofanu at cust.usachoice.net
Sat Nov 9 19:38:22 MST 2013

TRF - they are TR4 mounts, round (there are also square ones)

On 11/9/2013 9:30 PM, Gene deRuelle wrote:
> I tried this before but it came back, sooooo.  I want to replace my 
> front engine mounts.  Mine are circular with a center mounted stud.  I 
> have looked in all the catalogs but I cant find any round ones.  Does 
> anyone know  where I can get a pair?  Thanks.
> Gene deRuelle
> 775-825-6445
> deruelle at att.net <mailto:deruelle at att.net>
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