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Arch Boston arch.boston at twc.com
Sun Nov 10 09:59:57 MST 2013

Steve so it doesn't solve weight problem, bummer!  

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On Nov 10, 2013, at 11:44 AM, Steven Trovato <strovato at optonline.net> wrote:

> Arch,
> I have a ZA with the original bonnet lift arrangement.  I can take some pictures for you.  I don't know if I would consider this to be a big improvement.  The mechanism consists of the U-shaped spring part and a bracket part that holds the bonnet open instead of a prop rod.  When I got the car, the joint in the bracket allowed the bracket to travel past its stop, which created a small dent in the bonnet.  I guess it must make the bonnet somewhat lighter.  It's certainly not feather light, though.  With the prop rod, you can open the bonnet extra high and prop it up with a broom stick or something, hopefully preventing some pain to the back of your head.  For big jobs, I will unbolt the bracket for this purpose.  Biggest thing for your purpose, though, would be to have some sort of comparison of the effective bonnet weight both ways.  It would be a lot of hassle to go through if it doesn't solve the problem.
> -Steve T.
> At 11:12 AM 11/10/2013, Arch Boston wrote:
>> Jeff with me function trumps form.  That being said would be good for someone "down the road" to be able to return things to original.  Fletcher I looked at the parts book.  Sometimes the drawings are better than photos.  However, I think photos would be better this time.  Has anyone had this conversion made/done. Arch
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