[Zmagnette] Engine Clatter & pressure drop

John Elwood mgmagnette at aol.com
Mon Nov 11 20:15:06 MST 2013

If it is the crank, a new one is a mere $2375.00 from lbcarco.   

I'm trying to think of what the most expensive single part I ever bought for an MG was...  Perhaps some $400 a gallon paint.  For a $300 car $400 in paint hurt.  Jaguar needed a $1700 convertible top, that was killer.  I was going to get chrome wire wheels for my MGB, but just could imagine paying $1300 on wheels...  Getting the tires removed tomorrow. Going to sandblast, paint, and seal the spokes with 3M window weld in a tubeless-attempt.  Putting on el cheapo "Vanderbilt Grand Prix RS" Chinese tires.   MG needs to learn a little Chinese, considering who owns MG now.  I'm thinking that crank is not Chinese.


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