[Zmagnette] Stub stacks

Wayne & Isabel Hardy gwhardy at suddenlink.net
Wed Nov 13 09:55:43 MST 2013

I have those from APT in both ZB and MGB cleaners for the SUs. Couldn't hurt 
and APT has testing to show that they actually flow more air smoothly than 
just butting up against the flat face inside of the air filter back plate. 
Anything from APT is going to be first class product.


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Hi everyone,

I'd like to get a pair of 1.5" H4 stub stacks and I've tried emailing
Steve Ash several times to see if he would make some more, but I haven't
got an answer from him.

So... from a light scour of the internet there appears to be two types
available at a reasonable cost:
$32.50 ea -
$57 pair - http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-RL1396ALT

I've excluded the K&N ones as they are very rough, by all accounts.
Are there any others that people would recommend?

They're going to fit inside K&N filters that are 2 1/8" thick.

Robert (in NZ)
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