[Zmagnette] Stub stacks

monster at caverock.net.nz monster at caverock.net.nz
Fri Nov 15 02:38:09 MST 2013

The oil bath air filters certainly quieten down inlet roar.
I've read in more than one place that suitable stub stacks quieten 
inlet roar too.


On 15.11.2013 22:19, Wayne & Isabel Hardy wrote:
> Of course all this extra air flow is also likely to create more inlet
> roar under acceleration. Is that “Better” or not???

> MG put on the big old ugly oil bath filter for better engine life in
> a variety of dirty dusty operating situations around the world, and
> for more civilized operation in a quieter manner. Their true race
> motors ran with velocity stacks and no filters usually.

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